7 Things You Have to Check Before Submitting Your Articles

/7 Things You Have to Check Before Submitting Your Articles
7 Things You Have to Check Before Submitting Your Articles2017-03-18T21:47:34+09:00

Table of Content

  1. Wrong Pictures
  2. Wrong Picture Style
  3. Embedding
  4. Heading and Information styles
  5. Writing
  6. Categories & Featured Image
  7. Submit

1. Pictures

1-1. Pictures You can’t use

You can’t always use the pictures on Google



You can’t use picture from official website

You can’t use any pictures from other websites


You can’t use SNS as a Picture (Use as embed)

Wrong Flickr pictures


Don’t use too long pictures

Wide Pictures


1-2.Pictures you can use

Please check articles below.


2.Wrong Picture Style

2-1. Wrong size pictures

Please use “Large” size, not “original” or “medium”


2-2.Wrong Display


2-3. Wrong credit

Display credit


2-4.Link of credit

Please link directly to the picture, not to the author page.


2-5.Avoid Too long pictures

Too long pictures don’t look good in the articles.

long wide

2-6. Quality of pictures



3-1.You don’t need credit for embedding

3-2. Use Less Instagram Pictures

Please find copyright-free pictures first and Instagram later. Instagram makes the loading slow
Pixabay, Pexel, Flickr, Wikimedia or other copyright-free pictures -> Facebook or Twitter -> Instagram (it make loading slow)


4. Heading and Information Styles

4-1. Use of heading

Please use “Heading” not “subhead”

2-1. Heading_v1

Please number items

2-1. Heading_v3

4-2. Information style

2-1. Heading_v4

4-3. Correct styling



5. Writing

5-1. How to write

Please google the keywords and understand what kind of information people is looking for.

5-2. Plagiarism

Please never copy the content from other websites. If we find any, we can’t continue the project with you.

5-3. Grammar

Please use the correct grammar for the articles.

5-4.Don’t use justify

Please don’t Justify for the text.

5-5. Too short text

Please write at least 50 words for the text.



6.Categories & Featured image

Select Category



Select Featured Image(Use only normal pictures, no SNS embed)




Please click “save draft” and message the URL to us instead of “Submit for Review”


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