15 Restaurants to Go in Morocco

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Morocco is home to some of the most exotic cuisines in the world. Their gastronomy incorporates a mixture of both local and foreign styles that have made it a renowned destination when it comes to a dining experience. With a wide variety of high-end hotels, this country offers cuisines that will knock you off your feet. Don’t be left behind, discover some exemplary and intriguing restaurants and change your food experience.

1. Dar Moha

This is probably one of Morocco’s finest restaurant that is bound to give you an experience of the nation’s new cuisine. Situated in Marrakech, Dar Moha offers some of the best gastronomies with a fusion of Moroccan core flavors. Traditionally a riad, this diner has been converted into one of the most beautiful and pleasant dining spaces in the city. For those who like trying out new things and experiencing something different, Dar Moha will give you just that. They have incorporated innovative cooking styles and techniques to their famous dishes making them renowned in their services. Once you get a taste of their famous preserved lemon or the pastille lobster coriander juice, you will get a craving for all their meals.


  • Name: Dar Moha
  • Address: 81 Rue Dar el Bacha, Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5243-86400
  • Hours: 12–4PM, 7:30–11:30PM Everyday
  • Website: www.darmoha.ma

2. Al Fassia


While most restaurants offer exotic foods with a rather complicated set of foreign dishes, Al Fassia can be considered the home of Moroccan dishes. This place has found favor not only in the eyes of tourists but also locals who consider it simple but elegant. This hotel that is entirely run by women offers one of the best meals in Morocco. You do not have to worry about healthy eating at this place. They have a variety of starter salads that can also be taken as a main course meal. A taste of their meals will make you want more of their profound delicacies that have been professionally prepared by a team of dedicated female chefs.


3. Gastro Mk

If you are looking for an amazing and surreal restaurant that lives up to its name, then Gastro MK in the place you should visit. It has an extensive mixture of both Moroccan and French Cuisines, making it a unique destination. What’s different with this type of cookery? Well, the combination of two styles has emerged as a modern and unique culture that offers an outstanding and surprising menu. They also have a five-course meal that entails items such as pumpkin puree, potato sarladaise and chicken pastilla with almonds, among other amazing dishes. With an endless list of classical dishes, Gastro MK features a variety of meals that provide a whole new experience for diners while guaranteeing total satisfaction.



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