12 Things to Know Before Coming to Tokyo

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Tokyo is the largest city in and the capital of Japan. It is located in the Kanto region on the island of Honshu. It is a huge tourist destination and Tripadvisor has ranked it number 1 in “helpfulness”, “nightlife”, “cleanliness”, and a number of other travel accolades. It is such a popular area, but you should check out these 20 things to know before traveling to Tokyo!

1. What is Tokyo

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Most foreigners think of a city when they think of Tokyo. However, Tokyo is actually one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. For those of you not familiar with a prefecture, it is somewhat similar to a state in the US. Tokyo can then be divided into wards and then into subdistricts. There are approximately 23 wards in Tokyo, which correlates to cities.

2. Arrival

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Save yourself some money after arriving in Tokyo by taking the Narita Express rather than a taxi. Usually, taking a taxi from the airport into town can rack up close to more than a hundred dollars. However, a train ticket will only be about $16 and Tokyo has a great train and transit system that you can rely on.

3. Getting Around Tokyo

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Visitors should know that Tokyo can be very hard to navigate since many streets do not have names. Addresses are instead written in coded numbers so be sure to buy a guide book to help you in your travels. However, rest assured that Tokyo is an incredibly safe city and that even 6 year olds can be seen riding buses home alone.

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